CO2 & The Bloom Box

In my time in the garden industry, one of the most often asked questions is, “How important is CO2 to plants and yield?” There are a lot of ways to answer that question, depending on what kind of gardener you are. Are you growing in a large or small space? Is your room sealed or constantly cycling air? What are you feeding with? What light are your plants under? Different answers to these questions change the way we answer this question, but the answer almost always points to a CO2 regimen. However, the sheer cost of CO2 delivery systems often keep gardeners from even thinking about using CO2 in their gardens. This is why we created the Phenotonic Bloom Box: to give gardeners a less expensive option that works.

Why CO2 matters

Plants evolved at a time when oxygen was virtually non-existent in our atmosphere. Plants love high levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), because they evolved to use it in the photosynthesis process. This process creates sugars from light and CO2, also creating Dioxygen (O2 – commonly referred to as ‘oxygen’ – is the chemical that allows us to breath) as a byproduct. The plants then use the sugars created during photosynthesis to grow into big, healthy plants. This means increased CO2 levels help plants grow faster, handle warmer temperatures, and also produce more fruit, larger flowers, and healthier foliage.

To sum it up, increased CO2 levels will lead to increased plant yields. It doesn’t matter how large (or small) your garden is.

How The Bloom Box Helps

Phenotonic wants all gardeners to maximize the potential of their plants through sustainable products. We created the Bloom Box to give gardeners a safe, natural way to increase the CO2 in your garden. As the Mycelium in the Bloom Box breaks down organic matter, it naturally releases excess CO2 into the surrounding air. In most cases, the Bloom Box will increase the CO2 levels in a 4’ x 4’ x 8’ space by 300-600 PPM. Our special fungus friends even grow up to be full mushrooms that you can use in your next meal. After you remove the (delicious, fresh, and organic) mushrooms, you can even compost the remaining substrate into your soil. Recycle the bag & hanger and nothing gets wasted! The best part: we do all of this for just $25.

Don’t make your plants sad! Give them CO2 with our Bloom Box organic CO2 generator.

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