The Importance of CO2

Gardeners often ask me what the best nutrient is to make them have larger yields. When I ask them a few questions, I typically find that there is no CO2 supplementation in there garden. How do plants use the nutrients we give them? How is CO2 used in this process? How do these questions lead gardeners to more yields?

Increased levels of CO2 has profound effects on plants. It allows for more sugar production, or an increased metabolism. This causes the plant to have increased vigor. Plants will grow larger than they would under normal CO2 conditions, and more quickly. Increased growth rates mean the plants can eat more food; plants that eat more food means larger plants; larger plants means bigger yields. Just what every gardener is after.

Plants under these conditions also show other beneficial attributes such as being more resistant to heat stress. In fact, when you’re running CO2 in a garden environment between 800 to 1200 PPM, you will want your room around 80 to 81 degrees. At this temperature, plants are able to maximize the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed. Plants will also be more resilient to pests such as spider mites and whiteflies, and mold such as mildew and boisterous.

When you want bigger yields, stop looking to the nutrient shelf. Increase CO2 in your garden and get the results you’re looking for. Keep your plants happy with Phenotonic Bloom Box CO2 Generator which will increase a 4’ x 4’ space 200 to 300 ppm in CO2 for about six months.

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