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With a Little Help From Your Friends

Us. Phenotonic! We're your friends. #brands


When you come across a problem in your garden, it can be tempting to spend all day looking for solutions on your own. Unfortunately, every minute you spend looking for an answer is a minute that your garden is suffering.

Phenotonic's experienced consultants are able to quickly diagnose problems. If you're having a problem, we’ve seen it. And we have the solutions for you.


Carpenters (and dads) have a saying: “measure twice, cut once”. If you know what to do before you do it, you're gonna save yourself a lot of headaches. At Phenotonic, we've learned from our headaches. And to make sure you never have any, we offer planning services. Our expert gardeners can turn an empty room into a lucious garden, or help you take your existing garden to the next step.


Not all of us can be an Al Borland. Most of us can't even be a Tim Taylor. Luckily, you don't have to be either: Phenotonic can install any gardening equipment you have, and we even know some licensed electricians & HVAC experts. Let us build your green dreams into bright realities.


No one knows better than us that a garden is a full-time job. Sometimes, you just need a break from the daily routine; sometimes life throws a wrench into your plans. Luckily, we can maintain your garden while you're away. And like all good boy scouts, we'll even try to leave a better garden than we found.

So if you need a vacation, or an emergency takes you away, let us keep your garden fed and growing. Have the peace of mind that our qualified professionals are checking on your garden and making sure you come home to a thriving garden, just the way you left it.

Just100per hour
Schedule your first block of four hours for just $300Emergency visit* services available for an additional $50*An emergency visit is any service that is requested to be performed within 48 hours of initial contact

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